Can you ship these to other countries?

We will be glad to have them shipped internationally depending on the volume of the order. Customs documentation may vary for different countries and you may discuss the requirements with our customer service – by email/fax or phone.

How many different types of Specialty Surgical Dressings and Sponges do you have?

We have over 250 different varieties of specialty sponges and dressings designed and developed by surgeons and nurses. We have made it our goal to provide the most adaptable surgical products line available to help with the many tasks that nurses are responsible for. Their job is to work with surgeons and save lives, not to adjust sponges or dressing to make them fit the procedure...that's our job.

What is the difference between a woven cotton gauze sponge and a non-woven sponge?

Cotton sponges are natural sponges made of 100% cotton fibers (threads) which are woven perpendicularly through each other to make a 1 ply mesh that is then folded into the desired number of plies (usually 8, 12, 16 or 32) to form the finished sponge. Non-Woven sponges are a synthetic blend of polyester and rayon melded together to form a soft and absorbent 1 ply material that is then folded into the desired number of plies (usually 4 or 6) to form the finished sponge. Non-Woven sponges are made of varying thicknesses which will generally be determined by the basis weight of the original layer of material (usually 30g, 40g or 50g - others are also available). Non-Woven sponges are generally up to twice as absorbent as cotton gauze sponges, have a softer feel and are lint-free.

How can I place an order?

You can order easily by online checkout , Phone (972) 329 5555/5557, Toll free fax 1 (800) 800-8498 or E-Mail sales@saltommedicals.com.